Protect Your Home With Reliable Roofing

Get professional roofing services in Silver Springs, Warsaw, Perry, Geneseo, and Rochester, NY

Your roof works hard to protect the rest of your building from the elements, so wear and tear can happen quickly. When your roof needs a little TLC, turn to the experts at TCP Contracting in Silver Springs, Warsaw, Perry, Geneseo, or Rochester, NY

Our fully insured roofing contractor will assess your needs and provide you with the reliable roofing services you need, no matter what kind of roof you have. Our roofers have experience in asphalt shingle, flat rubber and metal roof repair. From minor leaks to complete roof replacements, we'll leave you feeling safe under your new roof.

We can also repair ceiling, drywall and trim damage caused by leaks. Schedule our professional roofing services today.

Schedule shingle or metal roof repairs

Schedule shingle or metal roof repairs

Unless you have a significant leak, it can be hard to tell when you need roof repairs. We recommend giving us a call when...

  • You have missing or broken shingles.
  • Parts of your metal or rubber roof are loose.
  • You see water spots on your ceiling.
  • Your roof or gutters are sagging.



If your roof has leaked for tool long caused your flooring and subfloor to rot, we can repair any damage and make your floor look as good as new. Call today to schedule your flat roof, shingle or metal roof repair.